Commit 9f9ba214 authored by Wim Taymans's avatar Wim Taymans

jitterbuffer: handle segments with non-0 start

We keep the DTS and PTS in running-time inside the jitterbuffer. Make sure to
transform it back to a buffer timestamp before pushing out the buffer.

parent 9d3dbd65
......@@ -2071,6 +2071,9 @@ pop_and_push_next (GstRtpJitterBuffer * jitterbuffer, guint16 seqnum)
dts = GST_BUFFER_DTS (outbuf);
pts = GST_BUFFER_PTS (outbuf);
dts = gst_segment_to_position (&priv->segment, GST_FORMAT_TIME, dts);
pts = gst_segment_to_position (&priv->segment, GST_FORMAT_TIME, pts);
/* apply timestamp with offset to buffer now */
GST_BUFFER_DTS (outbuf) = apply_offset (jitterbuffer, dts);
GST_BUFFER_PTS (outbuf) = apply_offset (jitterbuffer, pts);
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