Commit a7c3f353 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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matroskademux: Unmap wavpack header buffer after creating it

Otherwise it will be mapped writable all the time and we can't read from it
parent 3eeca9c7
......@@ -2872,6 +2872,7 @@ gst_matroska_demux_add_wvpk_header (GstElement * element,
GST_WRITE_UINT8 (data + 11, wvh.index_no);
GST_WRITE_UINT32_LE (data + 12, wvh.total_samples);
GST_WRITE_UINT32_LE (data + 16, wvh.block_index);
gst_buffer_unmap (newbuf, &outmap);
/* Append data from buf: */
gst_buffer_copy_into (newbuf, *buf, GST_BUFFER_COPY_TIMESTAMPS |
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