Commit b7f448b9 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts
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replaygain: also still post the results of the analysis

parent 01838ff9
......@@ -634,7 +634,10 @@ gst_rg_analysis_handle_eos (GstRgAnalysis * filter)
GST_TAG_REFERENCE_LEVEL, filter->reference_level, NULL);
/* This steals our reference to the list: */
(filter)), gst_event_new_tag (tag_list));
(filter)), gst_event_new_tag (gst_tag_list_copy (tag_list)));
/* special case element, also post here */
gst_element_post_message (GST_ELEMENT_CAST (filter),
gst_message_new_tag (GST_OBJECT (filter), tag_list));
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