Commit c659c920 authored by Philip Jägenstedt's avatar Philip Jägenstedt Committed by Sebastian Dröge
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ebml: crude hack to avoid crashing on unexpected metadata

The comment says this cannot happen, but it did and I don't know
why. This is not the correct fix, needs investigation. Test case:
parent 9c1267b1
......@@ -3349,8 +3349,10 @@ gst_matroska_demux_parse_metadata (GstMatroskaDemux * demux)
GList *l;
GstEbmlLevel *curlevel;
/* Can't be NULL at this point */
g_assert (ebml->level != NULL);
if (ebml->level == NULL) {
GST_ERROR_OBJECT (demux, "Unexpected metadata, bailing");
curlevel = ebml->level->data;
/* Make sure we don't parse a tags element twice and
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