Commit c7aa449e authored by Tim-Philipp Müller's avatar Tim-Philipp Müller Committed by Jan Schmidt

qtdemux: demote some log messages to TRACE level

Don't spam debug log with uninteresting stuff.
parent 1426a55a
......@@ -744,25 +744,25 @@ qtdemux_dump_trun (GstQTDemux * qtdemux, GstByteReader * data, int depth)
if (flags & TR_SAMPLE_DURATION) {
if (!gst_byte_reader_get_uint32_be (data, &sample_duration))
return FALSE;
GST_LOG ("%*s sample-duration: %u", depth, "", sample_duration);
GST_TRACE ("%*s sample-duration: %u", depth, "", sample_duration);
if (flags & TR_SAMPLE_SIZE) {
if (!gst_byte_reader_get_uint32_be (data, &sample_size))
return FALSE;
GST_LOG ("%*s sample-size: %u", depth, "", sample_size);
GST_TRACE ("%*s sample-size: %u", depth, "", sample_size);
if (flags & TR_SAMPLE_FLAGS) {
if (!gst_byte_reader_get_uint32_be (data, &sample_flags))
return FALSE;
GST_LOG ("%*s sample-flags: %u", depth, "", sample_flags);
GST_TRACE ("%*s sample-flags: %u", depth, "", sample_flags);
if (!gst_byte_reader_get_uint32_be (data, &composition_time_offsets))
return FALSE;
GST_LOG ("%*s composition_time_offsets: %u", depth, "",
GST_TRACE ("%*s composition_time_offsets: %u", depth, "",
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