Commit c9821d31 authored by Arun Raghavan's avatar Arun Raghavan
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osxaudiosink: Specify endianness in IEC 61937 payloading

Corresponds to an API change in gst-plugins-base. This needs to be fixed
to query the expected byte order using appropriate API.
parent 333d568e
......@@ -397,9 +397,10 @@ gst_osx_audio_sink_sink_payload (GstBaseAudioSink * sink, GstBuffer * buf)
out = gst_buffer_new_and_alloc (framesize);
/* FIXME: the endianness needs to be queried and then set */
if (!gst_audio_iec61937_payload (GST_BUFFER_DATA (buf),
GST_BUFFER_SIZE (out), &sink->ringbuffer->spec)) {
GST_BUFFER_SIZE (out), &sink->ringbuffer->spec, G_BYTE_ORDER)) {
gst_buffer_unref (out);
return NULL;
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