Commit d1bea636 authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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ac3parse: improve handling of dependent substream frames

In particular, timestamps of these should track main-stream timestamps.
parent 3f2ffc9e
......@@ -466,8 +466,17 @@ gst_ac3_parse_parse_frame (GstBaseParse * parse, GstBaseParseFrame * frame)
GST_LOG_OBJECT (parse, "size: %u, rate: %u, chans: %u", fsize, rate, chans);
if (G_UNLIKELY (sid)) {
/* dependent frame, no need to (ac)count for or consider further */
GST_LOG_OBJECT (parse, "sid: %d", sid);
/* TODO maybe also mark as DELTA_UNIT,
* if that does not surprise baseparse elsewhere */
/* occupies same time space as previous base frame */
/* only return if we already arranged for caps */
if (G_LIKELY (ac3parse->sample_rate > 0))
return GST_FLOW_OK;
if (G_UNLIKELY (ac3parse->sample_rate != rate || ac3parse->channels != chans
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