Commit d8b18f6b authored by Nicolas Dufresne's avatar Nicolas Dufresne
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v4l2bufferpool: Don't drop buffer ref on qbuf

This function no longer take ownership of the buffer.

CID 1414800
parent 0e9fe263
......@@ -1080,9 +1080,8 @@ gst_v4l2_buffer_pool_qbuf (GstV4l2BufferPool * pool, GstBuffer * buf)
gint index;
if (!gst_v4l2_is_buffer_valid (buf, &group)) {
GST_LOG_OBJECT (pool, "unref copied/invalid buffer %p", buf);
gst_buffer_unref (buf);
return GST_FLOW_OK;
GST_ERROR_OBJECT (pool, "invalid buffer %p", buf);
index = group->buffer.index;
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