Commit db0eddb1 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt
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qtmux: Remove bogus check in atom_stsc_add_new_entry()

Remove an old check from atom_stsc_add_new_entry() that
extends the last entry in the STSC if the samples per chunk
matches, as the new interleave merging logic requires that
the final entry by updateable. There's already code
below which simply merges the final entry into the previous
one when needed, so rely on that instead.

Fixes asserts like:

ERROR:atoms.c:2940:atom_stsc_update_entry: assertion failed:
(atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 1).first_chunk == first_chunk)
parent 65c5d6d0
...@@ -2904,11 +2904,6 @@ atom_stsc_add_new_entry (AtomSTSC * stsc, guint32 first_chunk, guint32 nsamples) ...@@ -2904,11 +2904,6 @@ atom_stsc_add_new_entry (AtomSTSC * stsc, guint32 first_chunk, guint32 nsamples)
{ {
gint len; gint len;
if ((len = atom_array_get_len (&stsc->entries)) &&
((atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 1)).samples_per_chunk ==
if ((len = atom_array_get_len (&stsc->entries)) > 1 && if ((len = atom_array_get_len (&stsc->entries)) > 1 &&
((atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 1)).samples_per_chunk == ((atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 1)).samples_per_chunk ==
(atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 2)).samples_per_chunk)) { (atom_array_index (&stsc->entries, len - 2)).samples_per_chunk)) {
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