Commit e3d8d8ce authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

rtp: value truncated too short creates dead code

type is truncated to 0-31 with "& 0x1f", but right after that it is checks if
the value is equivalent to GST_H265_NAL_VPS, GST_H265_NAL_SPS, and
GST_H265_NAL_PPS (which are 32, 33, and 34 respectively). Obviously, this will
never be True if the value is maximum 31 after the truncation.
The intention of the code was to truncate to 0-63.
parent 59fea445
......@@ -821,7 +821,7 @@ gst_rtp_h265_pay_decode_nal (GstRtpH265Pay * payloader,
GST_DEBUG ("NAL payload len=%u", size);
header = data[0];
type = header & 0x1f;
type = header & 0x3f;
/* We record the timestamp of the last SPS/PPS so
* that we can insert them at regular intervals and when needed. */
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