Commit e4e38f9a authored by Mark Nauwelaerts's avatar Mark Nauwelaerts
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wavpackenc: query downstream for BYTE seeking support

parent 03bde3f0
......@@ -783,6 +783,8 @@ gst_wavpack_enc_rewrite_first_block (GstWavpackEnc * enc)
GstSegment segment;
gboolean ret;
GstQuery *query;
gboolean seekable = FALSE;
g_return_if_fail (enc);
g_return_if_fail (enc->first_block);
......@@ -791,6 +793,23 @@ gst_wavpack_enc_rewrite_first_block (GstWavpackEnc * enc)
WavpackUpdateNumSamples (enc->wp_context, enc->first_block);
/* try to seek to the beginning of the output */
query = gst_query_new_seeking (GST_FORMAT_BYTES);
if (gst_pad_peer_query (GST_AUDIO_ENCODER_SRC_PAD (enc), query)) {
GstFormat format;
gst_query_parse_seeking (query, &format, &seekable, NULL, NULL);
if (format != GST_FORMAT_BYTES)
seekable = FALSE;
} else {
GST_LOG_OBJECT (enc, "SEEKING query not handled");
gst_query_unref (query);
if (!seekable) {
GST_DEBUG_OBJECT (enc, "downstream not seekable; not rewriting");
gst_segment_init (&segment, GST_FORMAT_BYTES);
ret = gst_pad_push_event (GST_AUDIO_ENCODER_SRC_PAD (enc),
gst_event_new_segment (&segment));
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