Commit ea4e9fc2 authored by Sebastian Dröge's avatar Sebastian Dröge
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atomsrecovery: Error out when fseek() fails instead of silently ignoring

CID 1403262
parent 79d9cd44
......@@ -673,8 +673,11 @@ moov_recov_parse_trak (MoovRecovFile * moovrf, TrakRecovData * trakrd)
if (!moov_recov_parse_mdia (moovrf, trakrd))
return FALSE;
fseek (moovrf->file, (long int) trakrd->mdia_file_offset + trakrd->mdia_size,
if (fseek (moovrf->file,
(long int) trakrd->mdia_file_offset + trakrd->mdia_size,
SEEK_SET) != 0)
return FALSE;
trakrd->extra_atoms_offset = ftell (moovrf->file);
trakrd->extra_atoms_size = size - (trakrd->extra_atoms_offset - offset);
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