Commit f0db4a82 authored by Arnaud Vrac's avatar Arnaud Vrac Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller
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qtdemux: fix parsing in push mode when moov atom is at the end

When playing an mp4 file with the MOOV atom at the end of the file, playback
fails with the error message "no 'moov' atom within the first 10 MB". This is
due to a mistake in the upstream_size typing, making the seek to the end of
file never happening.
parent 25803d65
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ struct _GstQTDemux {
guint64 seek_offset;
gboolean upstream_seekable;
gboolean upstream_size;
gint64 upstream_size;
struct _GstQTDemuxClass {
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