Commit f2bae3ab authored by Luis de Bethencourt's avatar Luis de Bethencourt Committed by Tim-Philipp Müller

rtph265pay: fix buffer leak when using SPS/PPS

Fixes a buffer leak that would occur if the pipeline was shutdown while a
SPS/PPS header was being created.
parent f1e28494
......@@ -995,8 +995,10 @@ gst_rtp_h265_pay_payload_nal (GstRTPBasePayload * basepayload,
* checking when we need to send SPS/PPS but convert to running_time first. */
rtph265pay->send_vps_sps_pps = FALSE;
ret = gst_rtp_h265_pay_send_vps_sps_pps (basepayload, rtph265pay, dts, pts);
if (ret != GST_FLOW_OK)
if (ret != GST_FLOW_OK) {
gst_buffer_unref (paybuf);
return ret;
packet_len = gst_rtp_buffer_calc_packet_len (size, 0, 0);
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