Commit f40c1f8b authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos
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qtdemux: avoid looping reading the 'moof' atom forever

It gets stuck if it only finds a moof and no mfra/mfro or moov
atoms. Skip the moof to continue the parsing to have it either
play or error out.
parent 3f6a868f
......@@ -3313,6 +3313,8 @@ gst_qtdemux_loop_state_header (GstQTDemux * qtdemux)
if (qtdemux_pull_mfro_mfra (qtdemux)) {
/* FIXME */
} else {
qtdemux->offset += length; /* skip moof and keep going */
if (qtdemux->got_moov) {
GST_INFO_OBJECT (qtdemux, "moof header, got moov, done with headers");
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