1. 15 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Nicolas Dufresne's avatar
      v4l2: Remove XV support · 11103c6c
      Nicolas Dufresne authored
      XV support for v4l2 never became upstream and ended up being
      commented out with an undef for a long time now.
  2. 19 Aug, 2013 1 commit
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  18. 27 Jul, 2011 1 commit
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      v4l2: remove unused variables · 63fc64dd
      Wim Taymans authored
      Use the more specialized type for the bufferpool.
      Use the size from the driver as the size of the image to read.
      Don't configure the pool when created. This will be done in the setup_allocation
      method later or by upstream for sinks.
      Remove unused properties and variables. Bufferpool sizes are now configured in
      the bufferpool by the elements in the pipeline. We might want to influence the
      pool size later somehow.
  19. 26 Jul, 2011 1 commit
  20. 19 Jul, 2011 2 commits
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      v4l2: handle unsupported formats · 44fa0b9c
      Wim Taymans authored
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      v4l2: Fix sink bufferpool handling · 87d9a57a
      Wim Taymans authored
      Remove old method, use neww _process method for the sink.
      Inform the parent bufferpool class about the settings too. This is needed to let
      it know about the max-buffers.
      Allocate the negotiated max-buffers and initially mmap min-buffers. The idea is
      that the bufferpool will allocate more when needed.
      Improve debugging.
      Only poll in capture mode, it does not seem to work in playback mode on this
  21. 18 Jul, 2011 1 commit
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: More work on bufferpools · 55eb26f1
      Wim Taymans authored
      Add different transport methods to the bufferpool (MMAP and READ/WRITE)
      Do more parsing of the bufferpool config.
      Start and stop streaming based on the bufferpool state.
      Make separate methods for getting a buffer from the pool and filling it with
      data. This allows us to fill buffers from other pools too. Either use copy or
      read to fill up the target buffers.
      Add property to force a transfer mode in v4l2src.
      Increase default number of buffers to 4.
      Negotiate bufferpool and its properties in v4l2src.
  22. 15 Jul, 2011 1 commit
  23. 14 Jul, 2011 1 commit
  24. 13 Jul, 2011 5 commits
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: move capture code to device object · 7c5f5b1b
      Wim Taymans authored
      Move the details of how to capture to the device object. Remove the
      v4l2src_calls.[ch] files because they are empty now.
      Provide two simple methods to get and return a buffer to the device.
      Also do a slow copy when the buffer is not from our pool.
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: stop streaming in READY and NULL · d7a27613
      Wim Taymans authored
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: Let the device object manage the pool · d9e61954
      Wim Taymans authored
      Rename start and stop methods to open and close because that is what they do.
      After setting the format on the device object, setup the bufferpools. Move this
      code from the v4l2src_calls.c file, it is shared between source and sink.
      Make new device start and stop method that merges various bits of common code
      spread over several files.
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: Use video frame copy for raw video · 3aed1251
      Wim Taymans authored
      Use the video frame copy API for raw video frames so that we copy with the right
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: Move configuration of framerate to _set_format · 9f4cf3be
      Wim Taymans authored
      Move the configuration of the framerate to where we set the other format
      Remove hack to check if the device is active.
      Store streamparm in the device info.
      Use some macros to access the current device configuration.
      Remove some duplicate fields in src and sink and use the device configuration
  25. 12 Jul, 2011 4 commits
  26. 11 Jul, 2011 2 commits
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2sink: handle pools · e9d80b9f
      Wim Taymans authored
      Create a new pool in setcaps and stop/destroy the old one.
      Remove buffer_alloc functions.
      Check that we have v4l2 metadata in show_frame and fall back to memcpy into a
      buffer from our pool if we don't receive one of our own buffers.
    • Wim Taymans's avatar
      v4l2: various cleanups · 851f5500
      Wim Taymans authored
      Various cleanups, avoids useless casts, move error handling outside of the main
      code flow.
      Negotiate to a resonable resolution instead of the max resolution.
  27. 08 Jul, 2011 1 commit