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    • Vivia Nikolaidou's avatar
      splitmuxsink: Return a bin with a "location" property as a sink · 394be2c3
      Vivia Nikolaidou authored
      Splitmuxsink might be called with a custom bin as a sink. If it has a
      "location" property, it can be used.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      splitmux: Rewrite buffer collection and scheduling · 335c9f28
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Majorly change the way that splitmuxsink collects
      incoming data and sends it to the output, so that it
      makes all decisions about when / where to split files
      on the input side.
      Use separate queues for each stream, so they can be
      grown individually and kept as small as possible.
      This removes raciness I observed where sometimes
      some data would end up put in a different output file
      over multiple runs with the same input.
      Also fixes hangs with input queues getting full
      and causing muxing to stall out.
    • Jan Schmidt's avatar
      splitmuxsink: Add format-location-full signal · f7009eb5
      Jan Schmidt authored
      Add a new signal for formatting the filename, which receives
      a GstSample containing the first buffer from the reference
      stream that will be muxed into that file.
      Useful for creating filenames that are based on the
      running time or other attributes of the buffer.
      To make it work, opening of files and setting filenames is
      now deferred until there is some data to write to it,
      which also requires some changes to how async state changes
      and gap events are handled.