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      rtpmp2tdepay: Only output integral mpeg-ts packets · 923be8a8
      Edward Hervey authored
      From RFC 2250
      2. Encapsulation of MPEG System and Transport Streams
         For MPEG2 Transport Streams the RTP payload will contain an integral
         number of MPEG transport packets.  To avoid end system
         inefficiencies, data from multiple small MTS packets (normally fixed
         in size at 188 bytes) are aggregated into a single RTP packet.  The
         number of transport packets contained is computed by dividing RTP
         payload length by the length of an MTS packet (188).
      Since it needs to contain "an integral number of MPEG transport packets", a
      simple fix is to check that's the case, and strip off any leftover data.
      Fixes #676799
  11. 25 May, 2012 1 commit
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      osxvideosink: make sure all selectors are performed on the same thread · 5b3d3b08
      Andoni Morales Alastruey authored
      When we are using a dedicated thread to run the main run loop we
      must make sure that all selectors are performed on this same thread.
      For instance if performSelectorOnMainThread is called from the real
      main thread, it will not go through the message queue and will be
      executed from the real main thread. By forcing the target thread,
      we ensure that all functions will be called either from the real
      main thread when the main run loop is running or from our thread
      spinning the main loop.