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    v4l2object: Introduce quirk to skip slow probes · cae0b9a2
    Nicolas Dufresne authored
    skip_try_fmt_probes quirk is set, V4L2 object will not probe for
    interlace-mode and colorimetry to avoid relying on try_fmt. This quirk
    will be used by v4l2src to avoid desastrous startup time with slow
    USB webcams.
    When this quirk is enabled, caller will have to iterate over the
    negotiated caps as it may contains unsupported formats. If the peer
    didn't choose a specific interlace-mode, or colorimetry, the value
    chosen by the driver is set into the caps. For this reason, when this
    mode is enabled, gst_v4l2_object_set_format() will require writable
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