Commit 0ade8b81 authored by Thiago Santos's avatar Thiago Santos

videocrop: print the property values when set

Instead of printing the currently used values. The log is meant
to show what the properties changed to, not what is being currently
parent 671b4d25
......@@ -759,9 +759,9 @@ gst_video_crop_set_property (GObject * object, guint prop_id,
G_OBJECT_WARN_INVALID_PROPERTY_ID (object, prop_id, pspec);
GST_LOG_OBJECT (video_crop, "l=%d,r=%d,b=%d,t=%d",
video_crop->crop_left, video_crop->crop_right, video_crop->crop_bottom,
GST_LOG_OBJECT (video_crop, "l=%d,r=%d,b=%d,t=%d, need_update:%d",
video_crop->prop_left, video_crop->prop_right, video_crop->prop_bottom,
video_crop->prop_top, video_crop->need_update);
GST_OBJECT_UNLOCK (video_crop);
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