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It's completely outdated and just confusing, better if people are
forced to look at the actual code in question than trusting this file.
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Disclaimer: The GStreamer team makes a real effort to make sure that
the information in this file is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.
However, this file may contain errors and omissions. Some dependant
libraries change their licensing from version-to-version and some of
the libraries listed here as LGPL were under the GPL license in
older releases. Distributions which include GStreamer are responsible
for ensuring that plugins are used in accordance with licensing terms
and other laws.
GStreamer is developed under the terms of the LGPL (see LICENSE file for details).
Some of our plugins however rely on libraries which are available under other
licenses. This means that if you are using an application which has a non-GPL
compatible license, for instance a closed-source application with GStreamer
you have to make sure not to use GPL linked or derived plugins. When using
GPL linked plugins GStreamer is for all practical reasons under the GPL itself.
The plugins which use a GPL library are as follows:
a52dec liba52 (
aasink aalib (
cdparanoia libcdparanoia (
dtsdec libdts (
dvdnavsrc libdvdnav (
dxr3 (
icecastsend libshout (
mad libmad (
mpeg2dec libmpeg2 (
mpeg2enc libmpeg2enc (
mplex libmplex (
siddec libsidplay 1.36 (,
trm libmusicbrainz (
xine libxine (
xvid libxvidcore (
Plugins derived from GPL code are as follows:
dvdreadsrc libdvdread (
jack libjack (
Note libjack is LGPL, but plugin is GPL.
monoscope None (Algorithm by Ralph Loader, Joerg Walter,
Richard Boulton, and Andy Lo A Foe)
rtjpeg None (Erik Walthinsen's algorithm)
rtp None (
synaesthesia (
system_encode None (Algorithm by Chrisoph Moar, Wim Tayman's and
Erik Walthinsen)
vbidec None (Algorithm by Billy Biggs, Doug Bell,
Erik Walthinsen and David I. Lehn)
Plugins which use a LGPL library are as follows:
alsa alsa (
artsdsink aRts (
cacasink libcaca (
colorspacelcs libcolorspace
dvdec libdv (
esdmon,esdsink libesd (
faac libfaac (
fameenc libfame (
ffmpeg ffmpeg (
gdkpixbuf GTK+ (
gnomevfs gnome-vfs (
gst_arts aRts (
gst1394 libraw1394 (
gstaf libaudiofile (
gstsf libsndfile (
hermescolorspace Hermes (
kio KDE (
ladspa (
lame libmp3lame (
libvisual libvisual (
matroska (
mikmod libmikmod (
ossaudio (
rfbenc librfb
sdlvideosink libsdl (
shout2send libshout2 (
swfdec (
tarkin (
textoverlay pango (
dirac (
effectv (Our ports was relicensed)(
musepack (
Plugins which use a BSD covered library are as follows:
ogg libogg/libvorbis (
vorbis libogg/libvorbis (
gsttheora libtheora (
speex (
flac libFLAC (
Plugins based on libraries with other free licenses:
ximagesink libXv
xvimagesink libXv
- license: MIT X11 / X Consortium license
gsm libgsm
- license MIT license
festival (
- license:
jpeg (
- license: IJG license
nas (
- license: NAS license
snapshot libpng (
- license: PNG license
mngdec/mngenc libmng (
- license PNG license
Plugins using non-free libraries:
divxdec, divxenc (
osxaudio (
sunaudiosink (
faad libfaad (
faad's license depends on its major version :
- for FAAD1 : it is LGPL
- for FAAD2 : it is GPL
look at these pages for more information on licenses :
by default, GStreamer faad plugin would compile against FAAD2 if available.
it falls back to FAAD1 if not.
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