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      pulsesink: prevent race condition causing ref leak · ae87731d
      René Stadler authored
      Since commit 8bfd80, gst_pulseringbuffer_stop doesn't wait for the
      deferred call to be run before returning. This causes a race when
      READY->NULL is executed shortly after, which stops the mainloop. This
      leaks the element reference which is passed as userdata for the callback
      (introduced in commit 7cf996, bug #614765).
      The correct fix is to wait in READY->NULL for all outstanding calls to
      be fired (since libpulse doesn't provide a DestroyNotify for the
      userdata). We get rid of the reference passing from 7cf996 altogether,
      since finalization from the callback would anyways lead to a deadlock.
      Re-fixes bug #614765.