Commit 0b2f18e7 authored by Linus Torvalds's avatar Linus Torvalds

Merge tag 'acpi-5.9-rc3' of git://

Pull ACPI fixes from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These fix two recent issues in the ACPI memory mappings management
  code and tighten up error handling in the ACPI driver for AMD SoCs


   - Avoid redundant rounding to the page size in acpi_os_map_iomem() to
     address a recently introduced issue with the EFI memory map
     permission check on ARM64 (Ard Biesheuvel).

   - Fix acpi_release_memory() to wait until the memory mappings
     released by it have been really unmapped (Rafael Wysocki).

   - Make the ACPI driver for AMD SoCs (APD) check the return value of
     acpi_dev_get_property() to avoid failures in the cases when the
     device property under inspection is missing (Furquan Shaikh)"

* tag 'acpi-5.9-rc3' of git://
  ACPI: OSL: Prevent acpi_release_memory() from returning too early
  ACPI: ioremap: avoid redundant rounding to OS page size
  ACPI: SoC: APD: Check return value of acpi_dev_get_property()
parents 326e311b 4f31d53c
......@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@ static int fch_misc_setup(struct apd_private_data *pdata)
if (ret < 0)
return -ENOENT;
acpi_dev_get_property(adev, "is-rv", ACPI_TYPE_INTEGER, &obj);
clk_data->is_rv = obj->integer.value;
if (!acpi_dev_get_property(adev, "is-rv", ACPI_TYPE_INTEGER, &obj))
clk_data->is_rv = obj->integer.value;
list_for_each_entry(rentry, &resource_list, node) {
clk_data->base = devm_ioremap(&adev->dev, rentry->res->start,
......@@ -350,7 +350,7 @@ void __iomem __ref
pg_off = round_down(phys, PAGE_SIZE);
pg_sz = round_up(phys + size, PAGE_SIZE) - pg_off;
virt = acpi_map(pg_off, pg_sz);
virt = acpi_map(phys, size);
if (!virt) {
......@@ -358,7 +358,7 @@ void __iomem __ref
map->virt = virt;
map->virt = (void __iomem __force *)((unsigned long)virt & PAGE_MASK);
map->phys = pg_off;
map->size = pg_sz;
map->track.refcount = 1;
......@@ -1575,11 +1575,26 @@ static acpi_status acpi_deactivate_mem_region(acpi_handle handle, u32 level,
acpi_status acpi_release_memory(acpi_handle handle, struct resource *res,
u32 level)
acpi_status status;
if (!(res->flags & IORESOURCE_MEM))
return AE_TYPE;
return acpi_walk_namespace(ACPI_TYPE_REGION, handle, level,
acpi_deactivate_mem_region, NULL, res, NULL);
status = acpi_walk_namespace(ACPI_TYPE_REGION, handle, level,
acpi_deactivate_mem_region, NULL,
res, NULL);
if (ACPI_FAILURE(status))
return status;
* Wait for all of the mappings queued up for removal by
* acpi_deactivate_mem_region() to actually go away.
return AE_OK;
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