Commit 1bd53a7e authored by Wanpeng Li's avatar Wanpeng Li Committed by Ingo Molnar
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sched/numa: Drop sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count sysctl

commit 887c290e

 (sched/numa: Decide whether to favour task or group weights
based on swap candidate relationships) drop the check against
sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count, this patch remove the sysctl.
Signed-off-by: default avatarWanpeng Li <>
Acked-by: default avatarMel Gorman <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarRik van Riel <>
Acked-by: default avatarDavid Rientjes <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarPeter Zijlstra <>
Cc: Andrew Morton <>
Cc: Naoya Horiguchi <>

Signed-off-by: default avatarIngo Molnar <>
parent ffe732c2
......@@ -428,11 +428,6 @@ rate for each task.
numa_balancing_scan_size_mb is how many megabytes worth of pages are
scanned for a given scan.
numa_balancing_settle_count is how many scan periods must complete before
the schedule balancer stops pushing the task towards a preferred node. This
gives the scheduler a chance to place the task on an alternative node if the
preferred node is overloaded.
numa_balancing_migrate_deferred is how many page migrations get skipped
unconditionally, after a page migration is skipped because a page is shared
with other tasks. This reduces page migration overhead, and determines
......@@ -48,7 +48,6 @@ extern unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_scan_delay;
extern unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_scan_period_min;
extern unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_scan_period_max;
extern unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_scan_size;
extern unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count;
extern unsigned int sysctl_sched_migration_cost;
......@@ -872,15 +872,6 @@ static unsigned int task_scan_max(struct task_struct *p)
return max(smin, smax);
* Once a preferred node is selected the scheduler balancer will prefer moving
* a task to that node for sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count number of PTE
* scans. This will give the process the chance to accumulate more faults on
* the preferred node but still allow the scheduler to move the task again if
* the nodes CPUs are overloaded.
unsigned int sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count __read_mostly = 4;
static void account_numa_enqueue(struct rq *rq, struct task_struct *p)
rq->nr_numa_running += (p->numa_preferred_nid != -1);
......@@ -384,13 +384,6 @@ static struct ctl_table kern_table[] = {
.mode = 0644,
.proc_handler = proc_dointvec,
.procname = "numa_balancing_settle_count",
.data = &sysctl_numa_balancing_settle_count,
.maxlen = sizeof(unsigned int),
.mode = 0644,
.proc_handler = proc_dointvec,
.procname = "numa_balancing_migrate_deferred",
.data = &sysctl_numa_balancing_migrate_deferred,
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