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docs: correct documentation for %pK

Current documentation indicates that %pK prints a leading '0x'. This is
not the case.

Correct documentation for printk specifier %pK.
Signed-off-by: default avatarTobin C. Harding <>
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......@@ -85,13 +85,12 @@ Examples::
printk("Faulted at %pS\n", (void *)regs->ip);
printk(" %s%pB\n", (reliable ? "" : "? "), (void *)*stack);
Kernel Pointers
%pK 0x01234567 or 0x0123456789abcdef
%pK 01234567 or 0123456789abcdef
For printing kernel pointers which should be hidden from unprivileged
users. The behaviour of ``%pK`` depends on the ``kptr_restrict sysctl`` - see
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