Commit 69b73e95 authored by Thomas Gleixner's avatar Thomas Gleixner

um/time: Fixup namespace collision

The new timer_setup() function for struct timer_list collides with a
private um function. Rename it.

Fixes: 686fef92 ("timer: Prepare to change timer callback argument type")
Signed-off-by: default avatarThomas Gleixner <>
Cc: Richard Weinberger <>
Cc: Jeff Dike <>
Cc: Kees Cook  <>
parent 686fef92
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ static struct clocksource timer_clocksource = {
static void __init timer_setup(void)
static void __init um_timer_setup(void)
int err;
......@@ -132,5 +132,5 @@ void read_persistent_clock(struct timespec *ts)
void __init time_init(void)
late_time_init = timer_setup;
late_time_init = um_timer_setup;
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