Commit 80416fb4 authored by SeongJae Park's avatar SeongJae Park Committed by Jonathan Corbet
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kokr/memory-barriers.txt: Fix typo in paring example

This commit applies an upstream change, commit d92f842b

("memory-barriers.txt: Fix typo in pairing example") to the Korean
Signed-off-by: default avatarSeongJae Park <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarJonathan Corbet <>
parent 578152da
......@@ -953,7 +953,7 @@ ACQUIRE 배리어, RELEASE 배리어, 또는 범용 배리어와 짝을 맞추
=============== ===============================
r1 = READ_ONCE(y);
<범용 배리어>
WRITE_ONCE(y, 1); if (r2 = READ_ONCE(x)) {
WRITE_ONCE(x, 1); if (r2 = READ_ONCE(x)) {
<묵시적 컨트롤 의존성>
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