Commit 90a3be9b authored by Wolfram Sang's avatar Wolfram Sang Committed by Wolfram Sang
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i2c: i2c-core-acpi: convert to use i2c_new_client_device()

Move away from the deprecated API and return the shiny new ERRPTR where
Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfram Sang <>
Acked-by: default avatarMika Westerberg <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarWolfram Sang <>
parent bf255bef
......@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ static void i2c_acpi_register_device(struct i2c_adapter *adapter,
adev->power.flags.ignore_parent = true;
if (!i2c_new_device(adapter, info)) {
if (IS_ERR(i2c_new_client_device(adapter, info))) {
adev->power.flags.ignore_parent = false;
"failed to add I2C device %s from ACPI\n",
......@@ -451,7 +451,8 @@ struct notifier_block i2c_acpi_notifier = {
* resources, in that case this function can be used to create an i2c-client
* for other I2cSerialBus resources in the Current Resource Settings table.
* Also see i2c_new_device, which this function calls to create the i2c-client.
* Also see i2c_new_client_device, which this function calls to create the
* i2c-client.
* Returns a pointer to the new i2c-client, or error pointer in case of failure.
* Specifically, -EPROBE_DEFER is returned if the adapter is not found.
......@@ -461,7 +462,6 @@ struct i2c_client *i2c_acpi_new_device(struct device *dev, int index,
struct i2c_acpi_lookup lookup;
struct i2c_adapter *adapter;
struct i2c_client *client;
struct acpi_device *adev;
int ret;
......@@ -489,11 +489,7 @@ struct i2c_client *i2c_acpi_new_device(struct device *dev, int index,
if (!adapter)
client = i2c_new_device(adapter, info);
if (!client)
return ERR_PTR(-ENODEV);
return client;
return i2c_new_client_device(adapter, info);
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