Commit 9f70968a authored by Mark Fasheh's avatar Mark Fasheh

ocfs2: Re-order iput in ocfs2_drop_dentry_lock

Do this to avoid a theoretical (I haven't seen this in practice) race where
the downconvert thread might drop the dentry lock, allowing a remote unlink
to proceed before dropping the inode locks. This could bounce access to the
orphan dir between nodes.

There doesn't seem to be a need to do the same in ocfs2_dentry_iput() as
that's never called for the last ref drop from the downconvert thread.
Signed-off-by: default avatarMark Fasheh <>
parent 019d1b22
......@@ -318,9 +318,9 @@ int ocfs2_dentry_attach_lock(struct dentry *dentry,
static void ocfs2_drop_dentry_lock(struct ocfs2_super *osb,
struct ocfs2_dentry_lock *dl)
ocfs2_simple_drop_lockres(osb, &dl->dl_lockres);
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