Commit a643ce20 authored by Huang Ying's avatar Huang Ying Committed by Len Brown

ACPI, APEI, APEI supporting infrastructure

APEI stands for ACPI Platform Error Interface, which allows to report
errors (for example from the chipset) to the operating system. This
improves NMI handling especially. In addition it supports error
serialization and error injection.

For more information about APEI, please refer to ACPI Specification
version 4.0, chapter 17.

This patch provides some common functions used by more than one APEI
tables, mainly framework of interpreter for EINJ and ERST.

A machine readable language is defined for EINJ and ERST for OS to
execute, and so to drive the firmware to fulfill the corresponding
functions. The machine language for EINJ and ERST is compatible, so a
common framework is defined for them.
Signed-off-by: default avatarHuang Ying <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarAndi Kleen <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarLen Brown <>
parent 15651291
......@@ -360,4 +360,6 @@ config ACPI_SBS
To compile this driver as a module, choose M here:
the modules will be called sbs and sbshc.
source "drivers/acpi/apei/Kconfig"
endif # ACPI
......@@ -67,3 +67,5 @@ processor-y += processor_idle.o processor_thermal.o
processor-$(CONFIG_CPU_FREQ) += processor_perflib.o
obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI_APEI) += apei/
config ACPI_APEI
bool "ACPI Platform Error Interface (APEI)"
depends on X86
APEI allows to report errors (for example from the chipset)
to the operating system. This improves NMI handling
especially. In addition it supports error serialization and
error injection.
obj-$(CONFIG_ACPI_APEI) += apei.o
apei-y := apei-base.o
This diff is collapsed.
* apei-internal.h - ACPI Platform Error Interface internal
* definations.
struct apei_exec_context;
typedef int (*apei_exec_ins_func_t)(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
struct apei_exec_ins_type {
u32 flags;
apei_exec_ins_func_t run;
struct apei_exec_context {
u32 ip;
u64 value;
u64 var1;
u64 var2;
u64 src_base;
u64 dst_base;
struct apei_exec_ins_type *ins_table;
u32 instructions;
struct acpi_whea_header *action_table;
u32 entries;
void apei_exec_ctx_init(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct apei_exec_ins_type *ins_table,
u32 instructions,
struct acpi_whea_header *action_table,
u32 entries);
static inline void apei_exec_ctx_set_input(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
u64 input)
ctx->value = input;
static inline u64 apei_exec_ctx_get_output(struct apei_exec_context *ctx)
return ctx->value;
int apei_exec_run(struct apei_exec_context *ctx, u8 action);
/* Common instruction implementation */
/* IP has been set in instruction function */
#define APEI_EXEC_SET_IP 1
int __apei_exec_read_register(struct acpi_whea_header *entry, u64 *val);
int __apei_exec_write_register(struct acpi_whea_header *entry, u64 val);
int apei_exec_read_register(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
int apei_exec_read_register_value(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
int apei_exec_write_register(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
int apei_exec_write_register_value(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
int apei_exec_noop(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct acpi_whea_header *entry);
int apei_exec_pre_map_gars(struct apei_exec_context *ctx);
int apei_exec_post_unmap_gars(struct apei_exec_context *ctx);
struct apei_resources {
struct list_head iomem;
struct list_head ioport;
static inline void apei_resources_init(struct apei_resources *resources)
void apei_resources_fini(struct apei_resources *resources);
int apei_resources_sub(struct apei_resources *resources1,
struct apei_resources *resources2);
int apei_resources_request(struct apei_resources *resources,
const char *desc);
void apei_resources_release(struct apei_resources *resources);
int apei_exec_collect_resources(struct apei_exec_context *ctx,
struct apei_resources *resources);
struct dentry;
struct dentry *apei_get_debugfs_dir(void);
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