Commit b4b153f8 authored by Jaegeuk Kim's avatar Jaegeuk Kim

f2fs: show current cp state

This patch shows whether checkpoint met any error case.
Signed-off-by: default avatarJaegeuk Kim <>
parent d8d1389e
......@@ -264,9 +264,10 @@ static int stat_show(struct seq_file *s, void *v)
list_for_each_entry(si, &f2fs_stat_list, stat_list) {
seq_printf(s, "\n=====[ partition info(%pg). #%d, %s]=====\n",
seq_printf(s, "\n=====[ partition info(%pg). #%d, %s, CP: %s]=====\n",
si->sbi->sb->s_bdev, i++,
f2fs_readonly(si->sbi->sb) ? "RO": "RW");
f2fs_readonly(si->sbi->sb) ? "RO": "RW",
f2fs_cp_error(si->sbi) ? "Error": "Good");
seq_printf(s, "[SB: 1] [CP: 2] [SIT: %d] [NAT: %d] ",
si->sit_area_segs, si->nat_area_segs);
seq_printf(s, "[SSA: %d] [MAIN: %d",
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