Commit b972d079 authored by Dave Chinner's avatar Dave Chinner Committed by Dave Chinner
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xfs: annotate user variables passed as void

Some argument callbacks can contain user buffers, and sparse warns
about passing them as void pointers. Cast appropriately to remove
the sparse warnings.
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Chinner <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarChristoph Hellwig <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarDave Chinner <>
parent e3aed1a0
......@@ -1349,7 +1349,7 @@ xfs_ioc_setxflags(
xfs_getbmap_format(void **ap, struct getbmapx *bmv, int *full)
struct getbmap __user *base = *ap;
struct getbmap __user *base = (struct getbmap __user *)*ap;
/* copy only getbmap portion (not getbmapx) */
if (copy_to_user(base, bmv, sizeof(struct getbmap)))
......@@ -1380,7 +1380,7 @@ xfs_ioc_getbmap(
bmx.bmv_iflags |= BMV_IF_NO_DMAPI_READ;
error = xfs_getbmap(ip, &bmx, xfs_getbmap_format,
(struct getbmap *)arg+1);
(__force struct getbmap *)arg+1);
if (error)
return error;
......@@ -1393,7 +1393,7 @@ xfs_ioc_getbmap(
xfs_getbmapx_format(void **ap, struct getbmapx *bmv, int *full)
struct getbmapx __user *base = *ap;
struct getbmapx __user *base = (struct getbmapx __user *)*ap;
if (copy_to_user(base, bmv, sizeof(struct getbmapx)))
return -EFAULT;
......@@ -1420,7 +1420,7 @@ xfs_ioc_getbmapx(
return -EINVAL;
error = xfs_getbmap(ip, &bmx, xfs_getbmapx_format,
(struct getbmapx *)arg+1);
(__force struct getbmapx *)arg+1);
if (error)
return error;
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