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    crypto: af_alg - consolidation of duplicate code · 2d97591e
    Stephan Mueller authored
    Consolidate following data structures:
    skcipher_async_req, aead_async_req -> af_alg_async_req
    skcipher_rsgl, aead_rsql -> af_alg_rsgl
    skcipher_tsgl, aead_tsql -> af_alg_tsgl
    skcipher_ctx, aead_ctx -> af_alg_ctx
    Consolidate following functions:
    skcipher_sndbuf, aead_sndbuf -> af_alg_sndbuf
    skcipher_writable, aead_writable -> af_alg_writable
    skcipher_rcvbuf, aead_rcvbuf -> af_alg_rcvbuf
    skcipher_readable, aead_readable -> af_alg_readable
    aead_alloc_tsgl, skcipher_alloc_tsgl -> af_alg_alloc_tsgl
    aead_count_tsgl, skcipher_count_tsgl -> af_alg_count_tsgl
    aead_pull_tsgl, skcipher_pull_tsgl -> af_alg_pull_tsgl
    aead_free_areq_sgls, skcipher_free_areq_sgls -> af_alg_free_areq_sgls
    aead_wait_for_wmem, skcipher_wait_for_wmem -> af_alg_wait_for_wmem
    aead_wmem_wakeup, skcipher_wmem_wakeup -> af_alg_wmem_wakeup
    aead_wait_for_data, skcipher_wait_for_data -> af_alg_wait_for_data
    aead_data_wakeup, skcipher_data_wakeup -> af_alg_data_wakeup
    aead_sendmsg, skcipher_sendmsg -> af_alg_sendmsg
    aead_sendpage, skcipher_sendpage -> af_alg_sendpage
    aead_async_cb, skcipher_async_cb -> af_alg_async_cb
    aead_poll, skcipher_poll -> af_alg_poll
    Split out the following common code from recvmsg:
    af_alg_alloc_areq: allocation of the request data structure for the
    cipher operation
    af_alg_get_rsgl: creation of the RX SGL anchored in the request data
    The following changes to the implementation without affecting the
    functionality have been applied to synchronize slightly different code
    bases in algif_skcipher and algif_aead:
    The wakeup in af_alg_wait_for_data is triggered when either more data
    is received or the indicator that more data is to be expected is
    released. The first is triggered by user space, the second is
    triggered by the kernel upon finishing the processing of data
    (i.e. the kernel is ready for more).
    af_alg_sendmsg uses size_t in min_t calculation for obtaining len.
    Return code determination is consistent with algif_skcipher. The
    scope of the variable i is reduced to match algif_aead. The type of the
    variable i is switched from int to unsigned int to match algif_aead.
    af_alg_sendpage does not contain the superfluous err = 0 from
    af_alg_async_cb requires to store the number of output bytes in
    areq->outlen before the AIO callback is triggered.
    The POLLIN / POLLRDNORM is now set when either not more data is given or
    the kernel is supplied with data. This is consistent to the wakeup from
    sleep when the kernel waits for data.
    The request data structure is extended by the field last_rsgl which
    points to the last RX SGL list entry. This shall help recvmsg
    implementation to chain the RX SGL to other SG(L)s if needed. It is
    currently used by algif_aead which chains the tag SGL to the RX SGL
    during decryption.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarStephan Mueller <smueller@chronox.de>
    Signed-off-by: default avatarHerbert Xu <herbert@gondor.apana.org.au>
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