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    of: Eliminate of_allnodes list · 5063e25a
    Grant Likely authored
    The device tree structure is composed of two lists; the 'allnodes' list
    which is a singly linked list containing every node in the tree, and the
    child->parent structure where each parent node has a singly linked list
    of children. All of the data in the allnodes list can be easily
    reproduced with the parent-child lists, so of_allnodes is actually
    unnecessary. Remove it entirely which saves a bit of memory and
    simplifies the data structure quite a lot.
    Signed-off-by: default avatarGrant Likely <grant.likely@linaro.org>
    Cc: Rob Herring <robh@kernel.org>
    Cc: Gaurav Minocha <gaurav.minocha.os@gmail.com>
    Cc: Pantelis Antoniou <pantelis@pantelis.antoniou@konsulko.com>
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