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    Merge tag 'pinctrl-v4.14-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linusw/linux-pinctrl · d16605c9
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull pin control updates from Linus Walleij:
     "This is the big bulk of pin control changes for the v4.14 kernel.
      There are just a few bigger changes (new drivers mostly) and then a
      lot of small patches all over the place.
      Core changes:
       - Decision to wrap the sleep mode of the Spreadtrum and in the future
         others into a specially tagged state. The generic DT bindings and
         the new Spreadtrum driver conforms to this. Others should be moved
         over if possible.
      New drivers:
       - Spreadtrum SoCs especially the SC9860 SoC.
       - Storlink/Cortina Gemini 3512 and 3516 SoCs.
      New subdrivers:
       - Intel Denverton subdriver.
       - Intel Cannon Lake subdriver.
       - Intel Lewisburg subdriver.
       - Allwinner sunxi: R40 subdriver for A10.
       - Socionext uniphier PXs3 subdriver.
       - Rockchip RK3128 subdriver.
       - Renesas SH-PFC R8A77995 subdriver.
       - Qualcomm APQ8064 can handle general purpose clock muxing.
       - Mediatek MT7623 PCIe mux data fixed up.
       - Intel GPIO IRQs are disabled during suspend.
       - Several fixes and addtions to Renesas r8a7796.
       - Qualcomm SPMI GPIO supports dtest route and LV/MV subtype.
       - Input schmitt trigger support in Rockchip RV1108.
       - Aspeed G4 and G5 USB host/device pin control control added.
       - Qualcomm IPQ4019 has matured with a few missing pin groups and
         control bits put in place.
       - Lots of constification, this is the latest in cocinelle fixes"
    * tag 'pinctrl-v4.14-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/linusw/linux-pinctrl: (147 commits)
      Revert "pinctrl: sunxi: Don't enforce bias disable (for now)"
      pinctrl: uniphier: fix members of rmii group for Pro4
      pinctrl: Delete an error message
      pinctrl: core: Delete an error message
      pinctrl: intel: Read back TX buffer state
      pinctrl: rockchip: Add rv1108 recalculated iomux support
      pinctrl: intel: Decrease indentation in intel_gpio_set()
      pinctrl: rza1: Remove suffix from gpiochip label
      pinctrl: qcom: spmi-gpio: Correct power_source range check
      pinctrl: freescale: make mxs_regs const
      pinctrl: aspeed: Rework strap register write logic for the AST2500
      pinctrl: rza1: off by one in rza1_parse_gpiochip()
      pinctrl: qcom: General Purpose clocks for apq8064
      pinctrl: sprd: Add Spreadtrum pin control driver
      dt-bindings: pinctrl: Add DT bindings for Spreadtrum SC9860
      pinctrl: Add sleep related state to indicate sleep related configs
      pinctrl: mediatek: update PCIe mux data for MT7623
      pinctrl: intel: Add Intel Lewisburg GPIO support
      pinctrl: intel: Add Intel Cannon Lake PCH-H pin controller support
      pinctrl: aspeed: Fix ast2500 strap register write logic