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    Merge tag 'powerpc-4.15-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux · 5b0e2cb0
    Linus Torvalds authored
    Pull powerpc updates from Michael Ellerman:
     "A bit of a small release, I suspect in part due to me travelling for
      KS. But my backlog of patches to review is smaller than usual, so I
      think in part folks just didn't send as much this cycle.
       - Five fixes for the >128T address space handling, both to fix bugs
         in our implementation and to bring the semantics exactly into line
         with x86.
       - Support for a new OPAL call on bare metal machines which gives us a
         true NMI (ie. is not masked by MSR[EE]=0) for debugging etc.
       - Support for Power9 DD2 in the CXL driver.
       - Improvements to machine check handling so that uncorrectable errors
         can be reported into the generic memory_failure() machinery.
       - Some fixes and improvements for VPHN, which is used under PowerVM
         to notify the Linux partition of topology changes.
       - Plumbing to enable TM (transactional memory) without suspend on
         some Power9 processors (PPC_FEATURE2_HTM_NO_SUSPEND).
       - Support for emulating vector loads form cache-inhibited memory, on
         some Power9 revisions.
       - Disable the fast-endian switch "syscall" by default (behind a
         CONFIG), we believe it has never had any users.
       - A major rework of the API drivers use when initiating and waiting
         for long running operations performed by OPAL firmware, and changes
         to the powernv_flash driver to use the new API.
       - Several fixes for the handling of FP/VMX/VSX while processes are
         using transactional memory.
       - Optimisations of TLB range flushes when using the radix MMU on
       - Improvements to the VAS facility used to access coprocessors on
         Power9, and related improvements to the way the NX crypto driver
         handles requests.
       - Implementation of PMEM_API and UACCESS_FLUSHCACHE for 64-bit.
      Thanks to: Alexey Kardashevskiy, Alistair Popple, Allen Pais, Andrew
      Donnellan, Aneesh Kumar K.V, Arnd Bergmann, Balbir Singh, Benjamin
      Herrenschmidt, Breno Leitao, Christophe Leroy, Christophe Lombard,
      Cyril Bur, Frederic Barrat, Gautham R. Shenoy, Geert Uytterhoeven,
      Guilherme G. Piccoli, Gustavo Romero, Haren Myneni, Joel Stanley,
      Kamalesh Babulal, Kautuk Consul, Markus Elfring, Masami Hiramatsu,
      Michael Bringmann, Michael Neuling, Michal Suchanek, Naveen N. Rao,
      Nicholas Piggin, Oliver O'Halloran, Paul Mackerras, Pedro Miraglia
      Franco de Carvalho, Philippe Bergheaud, Sandipan Das, Seth Forshee,
      Shriya, Stephen Rothwell, Stewart Smith, Sukadev Bhattiprolu, Tyrel
      Datwyler, Vaibhav Jain, Vaidyanathan Srinivasan, and William A.
      Kennington III"
    * tag 'powerpc-4.15-1' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/powerpc/linux: (151 commits)
      powerpc/64s: Fix Power9 DD2.0 workarounds by adding DD2.1 feature
      powerpc/64s: Fix masking of SRR1 bits on instruction fault
      powerpc/64s: mm_context.addr_limit is only used on hash
      powerpc/64s/radix: Fix 128TB-512TB virtual address boundary case allocation
      powerpc/64s/hash: Allow MAP_FIXED allocations to cross 128TB boundary
      powerpc/64s/hash: Fix fork() with 512TB process address space
      powerpc/64s/hash: Fix 128TB-512TB virtual address boundary case allocation
      powerpc/64s/hash: Fix 512T hint detection to use >= 128T
      powerpc: Fix DABR match on hash based systems
      powerpc/signal: Properly handle return value from uprobe_deny_signal()
      powerpc/fadump: use kstrtoint to handle sysfs store
      powerpc/lib: Implement UACCESS_FLUSHCACHE API
      powerpc/lib: Implement PMEM API
      powerpc/powernv/npu: Don't explicitly flush nmmu tlb
      powerpc/powernv/npu: Use flush_all_mm() instead of flush_tlb_mm()
      powerpc/powernv/idle: Round up latency and residency values
      powerpc/kprobes: refactor kprobe_lookup_name for safer string operations
      powerpc/kprobes: Blacklist emulate_update_regs() from kprobes
      powerpc/kprobes: Do not disable interrupts for optprobes and kprobes_on_ftrace
      powerpc/kprobes: Disable preemption before invoking probe handler for optprobes
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