Commit 0d3cd827 authored by Jan Schmidt's avatar Jan Schmidt
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decklinkaudiosrc: Fix discont tracking

Don't reset the marker that's tracking disconts until
either the discont disappears or we resync.
parent 501930dc
......@@ -556,9 +556,10 @@ gst_decklink_audio_src_create (GstPushSrc * bsrc, GstBuffer ** buffer)
self->next_offset, start_offset);
self->next_offset = end_offset;
// Got a discont and adjusted, reset the discont_time marker.
self->discont_time = GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE;
} else {
// No discont, just keep counting
self->discont_time = GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE;
timestamp =
gst_util_uint64_scale (self->next_offset, GST_SECOND, self->info.rate);
self->next_offset += sample_count;
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