Commit 3c29dcad authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters
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amcvideodec: advance the ready counter ourselves when render=FALSE

When not rendering the video frame, e.g. when freeing an unreleased sync frame,
we will not receive a frame listener callback.

Reduces the amount of 'on_frame_available miss detected' messages when dropping
parent 0d3cd827
......@@ -914,11 +914,17 @@ _gl_sync_release_buffer (struct gl_sync *sync, gboolean render)
"frames for frame %u", sync, diff, sync->gl_frame_no);
GST_TRACE ("gl_sync %p release_output_buffer idx %u frame %u", sync,
sync->buffer_idx, sync->gl_frame_no);
GST_TRACE ("gl_sync %p release_output_buffer idx %u frame %u render %s",
sync, sync->buffer_idx, sync->gl_frame_no, render ? "TRUE" : "FALSE");
/* Release the frame into the surface */
if (!render) {
/* Advance the ready counter ourselves if we aren't going to render
* and therefore receive a listener callback */
if (!gst_amc_codec_release_output_buffer (sync->sink->codec,
sync->buffer_idx, render, &error)) {
GST_ERROR_OBJECT (sync->sink,
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