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some cleanups in regards to requirements

Original commit message from CVS:
some cleanups in regards to requirements
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......@@ -104,36 +104,4 @@ with GStreamer, you have to make sure not to use GPL-linked plug-ins.
When using GPL-linked plug-ins, GStreamer is for all practical reasons
under the GPL itself.
The plug-ins which use a GPL library are as follows:
cdparanoia libcdparanoia (
aasink aalib (
xmms libxmms (
decdvd ac3dec,mpeg2dec (,
mad mad (
Plug-ins which use an LGPL library are as follows:
colorspace Hermes (
httpsrc libghttp (
alsasink alsa (
arts aRts (
sdlsink libsdl (
gnomevfssource gnome-vfs (
gnomevfssink gnome-vfs
esdsink libesd (
icastsend libshout (
lame libmp3lame (
gst1394 libraw1394 (
flac libFLAC (
RTP ortp (
Plug-ins which use a BSD covered library are as follows:
vorbisenc libogg/libvorbis (
vorbisdec libogg/libvorbis
Plug-ins based on libraries with other free licenses:
xvideosink libXv (MIT X11 / X Consortium license)
gsm libgsm (MIT license
Plug-ins using non-free libraries:
wincodec win32ddl (
There is a LICESENSE_readme file containing licensing information on the plugins
......@@ -32,8 +32,6 @@ ext/(library)
libHermes (for colorspace conversions; you need this for any video work)
libghttp (for httpsrc)
libaudiofile (for afsrc/afsink
libmad (for the mad mp3 decoder plugin)
......@@ -95,6 +93,9 @@ gtk (for the gdk_pixbuf plugin)
>= 2.2.1 preferred, 2.0 ok
pango (for the textoverlay plugins)
libHermes (for colorspace conversion;most use ffcolorspace instead)
Optional debian packages:
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