Commit 87573ba6 authored by Matthew Waters's avatar Matthew Waters
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glcolorconvert: don't skip subset structures

We may need them to transform into a different set of formats.

Fixes YUV->YUV with two glcolorconverts, e.g:

format=I420 ! glcolorconvert ! glcolorconvert ! format=NV12
parent 9b6be352
......@@ -855,11 +855,6 @@ gst_gl_color_convert_caps_transform_format_info (GstCaps * caps)
st = gst_caps_get_structure (caps, i);
f = gst_caps_get_features (caps, i);
/* If this is already expressed by the existing caps
* skip this structure */
if (i > 0 && gst_caps_is_subset_structure_full (res, st, f))
format = gst_structure_get_value (st, "format");
st = gst_structure_copy (st);
if (GST_VALUE_HOLDS_LIST (format)) {
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