Commit bc2ffa26 authored by Alessandro Decina's avatar Alessandro Decina
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gldownload: allow video/x-raw as input

...and just passthrough. This is useful for pipelines where downstream must be
non-GL but upstream can optionally be GL.
parent 96b9666d
......@@ -53,10 +53,10 @@ static GstStaticPadTemplate gst_gl_download_element_src_pad_template =
GST_STATIC_CAPS ("video/x-raw; video/x-raw(memory:GLMemory)"));
static GstStaticPadTemplate gst_gl_download_element_sink_pad_template =
GST_STATIC_CAPS ("video/x-raw(memory:GLMemory)"));
GST_STATIC_CAPS ("video/x-raw(memory:GLMemory); video/x-raw"));
static void
gst_gl_download_element_class_init (GstGLDownloadElementClass * klass)
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