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merge from release branch
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......@@ -10,14 +10,14 @@ else
pkgconfigdir = $(libdir)/pkgconfig
pkgconfig_DATA = gstreamer-libs.pc
SUBDIRS=gst-libs gst sys $(EXT_DIR) examples tools $(GCONF_DIR) ## testsuite
DIST_SUBDIRS=gst-libs gst sys ext examples tools gconf ## testsuite
EXTRA_DIST=gst-plugins.spec depcomp \
ChangeLog common m4
rm -rf `find $(distdir)/common -name CVS`
rm -rf `find $(distdir)/m4 -name CVS` \
plugins for GStreamer
gst-plugins : plug-ins for GStreamer
* to develop against uninstalled GStreamer core :
add path to gstreamer-uninstalled.pc to PKG_CONFIG_PATH
or run configure --with-pkg-config-path=(path to gstreamer uninstalled)
* to register plugins in source tree
* to register plug-ins in source tree
run gst-register --gst-plugin-path=.
* if a certain plugin doesn't build, then redo configure with
* if a certain plug-in doesn't build, then redo configure with
to disable it from the build
* Additional documentation :
supporting libraries for plugins
GStreamer is developed under the terms of the LGPL (see LICENSE file for
details). Some of our plug-ins however rely on libraries which are available
under other licenses. This means that if you are using an application which
has a non-GPL compatible license (for instance a closed-source application)
with GStreamer, you have to make sure not to use GPL-linked plug-ins.
When using GPL-linked plug-ins, GStreamer is for all practical reasons
under the GPL itself.
The plug-ins which use a GPL library are as follows:
cdparanoia libcdparanoia (
aasink aalib (
xmms libxmms (
decdvd ac3dec,mpeg2dec (,
Plug-ins which use an LGPL library are as follows:
colorspace Hermes (
httpsrc libghttp (
alsasink alsa (
arts aRts (
sdlsink libsdl (
gnomevfssource gnome-vfs (
gnomevfssink gnome-vfs
esdsink libesd (
icastsend libshout (
lame libmp3lame (
gst1394 libraw1394 (
flac libFLAC (
RTP ortp (
Plug-ins which use a BSD covered library are as follows:
vorbisenc libogg/libvorbis (
vorbisdec libogg/libvorbis
Plug-ins based on libraries with other free licenses:
xvideosink libXv (MIT X11 / X Consortium license)
gsm libgsm (MIT license
Plug-ins using non-free libraries:
wincodec win32ddl (
GStreamer "30 Second Frenchman" 0.3.4 released
GStreamer "Desperately Seeking Sexiness" 0.4.0 released
The GStreamer team is happy to announce another release of the
GStreamer streaming-media framework.
Focus of this release
This release fixes a few developer usability issues.
A few of the API functions have been changed to offer better
functionality and to be more consistent with other toolkits (GLib,
Sample changes:
* gst_elementfactory_make to gst_element_factory_make
This release of GStreamer has been primarily made in support of
RhythmBox. It should really work with their upcoming 0.2.0 release.
The gst-launch parsing has been bisonified. This allows for better and
more consistent command-line parsing. Accordingly, some changes in the
dynamic pad treatment have been made as well.
The registry handling has been changed. gst-register will now write to
a local registry (in ~/.gstreamer/reg.xml) if it does not have
permissions to write to the global registry. Normal applications not
running as root will prefer this local registry if it exists, and fall
back to the global otherwise.
Also, a --gst-registry option has been added to all gst applications.
If this is specified, then the application will ONLY use this
registry. This is useful for testsuites inside the core as well as
general testing of plugins.
GStreamer is now in Gnome's Bugzilla. Please file bugs against us
there whenever you find them !
Changes in the 0.3.x tree
The 0.3.x tree is our first tree using GLib 2.0 and libxml2 as the
sole compile platform. We have also started including all our
documentation in our RPMS starting this tree. People wanting to build
GStreamer themselves with documentation should look at the DOCBUILDING
file for some information on what packages are needed to build that
Another new feature of this release tree is the gst-launch-ext
command-line application. It uses predefined pipelines to play back
media files based on their file extension. This means that you don't
need to construct your own pipelines using gst-launch if all you want
to do is play a file. Just type gst-launch-ext [filename] and the
audiofile or movie plays for you. This of course also being a work in
progress means that sometimes it might decide on the wrong pipeline,
or cause jitter, as well as random headaches.
For help building GStreamer, take a look at our [1]build help document
Updates and Enhancements in this release
* Improved API naming
* New registry handling, allowing for global, local or specified
* bison parser
* gst-launch-ext dynamic pad fixes
* various fixes in mad and vorbisdec for RhythmBox
Previously, in the 0.3.x tree
* devhelp documentation
* New and improved Props API
* New master clock system
* dxr3 plugin
* libcolorspace plugin
* Full dparams documentation
* All functions documented (551 functions documented)
* Python bindings
* Portability fixes (no more C++ // style comments)
* a52dec plugin updated to a52dec 0.7.3 API
* gnome-vfs plugin updated to new seek api
* Misc bug and caps fixes
* SPEC files improvements
GStreamer streaming-media framework. We are quickly moving forward at
this time and more and more applications using GStreamer are popping
up. Please see the [1]release page for availability of source and
binary packages.
Updates and Enhancements
* Graphical pipeline editor (gst-editor) ported to GNOME 2.0
* Autobuild system using [2]bitches to generate good RPMs
* Apt for rpm repository for GStreamer and plug-in dependencies on
RedHat 7.2 and 7.3, for both Ximian Red-Carpet Gnome 2 and
Gnomehide. See [3]
* Red-Carpet GStreamer channel under construction.
* GConf schemas distributed for centralised sink settings
* Moved to [4] for bug reports. Bugzilla
is more convenient than SourceForge's system, and Gnome already
has a system running. Thanks to Gnome for the support.
* Created a gst-feedback script to gather system information to be
added to a bug report for better debugging.
* New much improved registry system implemented.
* New event-driven seek support. Event system is now working and
* Header files are now in a versioned directory to ease build pains.
* Improvements and bugfixes todparams.
* Docs updated, registry and system clock documentation added
* More tests added for improved troubleshooting
* Cothreads code made more POSIX-compatible
* PowerPC portability fixes
* Quicktime plug-in rewritten
* [5]Effectv video effects plug-ins included
* Audio effect plug-ins fixes (int2float, floatcast etc.)
* A new filter plug-in for audio filters
* OSS plug-in fixes
* Audiofile plug-in works again (depends on upstream patch getting
* lavencode plug-in renamed yuv4mpeg
* Synaesthesia plug-in added to gst-visualisation packages
* [6]Jack plug-in working and packaged -- CVS Jack required
* Floatcast plug-in added
* Include file setup fixes
* Avi plug-in ported to avifile 0.7.7
* Lots of fixes and cleanups on the DV plug-in
* libfame plug-in added (mpeg4)
* libdvdnav plug-in added
* Better URI handling in gnome-vfs plug-in
* RTP plug-in updated and ported to the [7]oRTP library
Known Issues
GStreamer currently ships with two schedulers, named 'basic' and
'standard'. Basic is the one we have been shipping for a long time now
and is still the default in GStreamer 0.4.0. There are however some
limitations and threadrelated bugs in basic. These limitations are not
present in standard, but unfortunately standard does not work with
i686 glibc atm due to differences in the way threads are handled
compared to other architectures including i386. We hope to get the
remaining issues in standard fixed before 0.4.1 and use that as
As for the bugs in basic we did not feel they warranted not releasing
0.4.0 as they are rather obscure. For instance if you are using
Rhythmbox you will need to be playing over 500 songs nonstop to
trigger it.
If you want to test the standard scheduler, run your GStreamer
application with --gst-scheduler=standard
GStreamer Homepage
More details on these features can be found on the project's website,
[2] Source tarballs are also mirrored at
[3] If you use Red Hat (or
possibly other RPM-based systems), RPMs for both GStreamer itself,
external libraries and development tools not included in the standard
reference distribution (RedHat 7.2) can be found in
GStreamer is hosted on SourceForge, so support requests and bugs may
be filed as usual. Interested developers of the core library, plugins,
and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel list. If
there is sufficient interest we will create more lists as necessary.
We use [9]Gnome's Bugzilla for bug reports and feature requests. The
"product name" is GStreamer (capital G). Please do the following
before writing a bug report :
gst-feedback > feedback 2>&1
and attach the file "feedback" to your bug report, so that we have
some information useful in the debugging process.
GStreamer is [10]hosted on SourceForge. All code is in CVS and can be
checked out from there. Interested developers of the core library,
plug-ins, and applications should subscribe to the gstreamer-devel
list. If there is sufficient interest we will create more lists as
We are still looking for people with access to Solaris, HP-UX, Irix
and True64 that would be willing to try building and testing
......@@ -103,33 +108,44 @@ Contributors to this release
* Erik Walthinsen <>
* Wim Taymans <>
* Thomas Vander Stichele <>
* Andy Wingo <>
* Benjamin Otte <>
* Erik Walthinsen <omega(AT)>
* Wim Taymans <wim.taymans(AT)>
* Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas(AT)>
* Andy Wingo <wingo(AT)>
* Benjamin Otte <in7y118(AT)>
* Steve Baker <stevebaker_org(AT)>
Plugins and Sample Applications
* Richard Boulton <>
* David Lehn <>
* Ronald Bultje <>
* Bastien Nocera <>
* Martin Enlund <>
* Arik Devens <>
* Jérémy Simon <>
* Zeeshan Ali Khattak <>
* Steve Baker <>
* Rehan Khwaja <>
* Richard Boulton <richard(AT)>
* David Lehn <dlehn(AT)>
* Ronald Bultje <rbultje(AT)>
* Bastien Nocera <hadess(AT)>
* Martin Enlund <martin(AT)>
* Arik Devens <arik(AT)>
* Jérémy Simon <jsimon13(AT)>
* Zeeshan Ali Khattak <zak147(AT)>
* Rehan Khwaja <rehankhwaja(AT)>
* Kentarou Fukuchi <fukuchi(AT)>
* Artyom Baginski <artm(AT)>
* David Schleef <ds(AT)>
* Xavier Bestel <xavier.bestel(AT)>
* Christian Schaller <>
* Calum Selkirk <>
* Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller
* Calum Selkirk <cselkirk(AT)>
GStreamer uses a *large* array of tools and libraries, most of which are
optional. We have attempted to make sure that any code that depends on
optional libraries doesn't get built unless you have those libraries. If
you find this not to be the case, please, let us know by filing a bug
report at
Required libraries:
The core GStreamer libraries are required which depend on the following:
the latest glib2, currently at v2.0.4
libxml2 (also called gnome-xml, available from
These libraries are all central parts of gnome, and are available from the or its mirrors, amongst other places.
Optional libraries:
This file lists supporting libraries for which gst-plugins contains plugins,
as well as their minimum version. You can find the corresponding plugins in
a52dec 0.7.3
avifile >= 0.6.0 (cvs)
libgnomeui (for gstplay, gsteditor, autoplug example, several tests)
libglade (for gstplay, gsteditor)
libHermes (for colorspace conversions; you need this for any video work)
libghttp (for httpsrc)
libaudiofile (for afsrc/afsink)
libmad (for the mad mp3 decoder plugin)
libjpeg (for jpegenc/jpegdec)
libopenquicktime (for the QT plugin)
libXv (for videosink)
libxaudio (for xa mp3 decoder)
libvorbis (for vorbisenc, vorbisdec)
libcdparanoia (for cdparanoia ripper)
liblame (for lame mp3 encoder)
libshout (for the shoutcast plugin)
libasound (for the alsa src/sink plugin)
ortp (for the rtp sink plugin)
aalib (for the aa sink plugin)
aRts (for the arts plugin wrapper, and the artsd sink)
raw1394/linux1394 (for the dv plugin)
libdvdread (for the dvdsrc)
(optional: libcss for encrypted DVDs)
libesound (for the esd sink
gnome-vfs (for the gnome-vfs src)
libgsm (for the gsm plugin)
sdl (for the sdl sink)
xmms (for the xmms plugins wrapper)
mpeg2dec/a52dec (for mpeg2 related plugins and dvd playback)
>= v0.2.1/v0.7.2
avifile (for the avi windows decoder plugins)
you might want to get the windows libraries
from and put the .dll files
in /usr/lib/win32/
>= 0.6.0 (cvs)
flac (for the FLAC lossless audio format)
Required tools:
An extra set of tools is required if you wish to build GStreamer out of
CVS (using
autoconf 2.52
automake 1.5
libtool v1.4 or better
pkgconfig 0.8.0 (
Optional tools:
Optional debian packages:
(This is an incomplete list, made only of problems which have been reported,
rather than by an audit.)
task-helix-gnome-dev OR libgnome-dev
gtk-doc-tools 0.4-0.2 -- needed to build documentation
Alternatively, the docbook-gnome-bin package, which is available by adding the
following lines to apt's sources.list (/etc/apt/sources.list):
deb gnome/
deb-src gnome/
......@@ -64,9 +64,11 @@ GST_CHECK_FEATURE(EXPERIMENTAL, [enable building of experimental plug-ins],,
AC_MSG_WARN(building experimental plug-ins)
AC_MSG_NOTICE(not building experimental plug-ins)
dnl broken plug-ins; stuff that doesn't seem to build at the moment
......@@ -404,13 +406,12 @@ dnl AC_CHECK_LIB(cdda_paranoia, paranoia_init, : , HAVE_CDPARANOIA=no, -lcdda_in
dnl AC_CHECK_HEADER(cdda_paranoia.h, :, HAVE_CDPARANOIA=no)
dnl *** libdv ***
translit(dnm, m, l) AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_LIBDV, true)
GST_CHECK_FEATURE(LIBDV, [libdv DV/video decoder], dvdec, [
dnl use this when gtk deps are removed from its pkg-config .pc
translit(dnm, m, l) AM_CONDITIONAL(USE_DV, true)
GST_CHECK_FEATURE(DV, [libdv DV/video decoder], dvdec, [
dnl use pkg-config when gtk deps are removed from its pkg-config .pc
dnl *** dvdread ***
......@@ -763,9 +764,9 @@ if test "x$USE_ATOMIC_H" = xyes; then
AC_DEFINE(HAVE_ATOMIC_H, 1, [Define if atomic.h header file is available])
dnl if test "x$USE_DEBUG" = xyes; then
dnl fi
if test "x$USE_DEBUG" = xyes; then
if test "x$USE_PROFILING" = xyes; then
dnl CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -pg -fprofile-arcs"
SUBDIRS=dynparams seeking
GTK_SUBDIRS=dynparams seeking
DIST_SUBDIRS=capsfilter dynparams seeking
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ libgstgconfinclude_HEADERS = gconf.h
noinst_PROGRAMS = test-gconf
test_gconf_LDADD = $(GST_LIBS) $(GCONF_LIBS) -lgstgconf
test_gconf_LDADD = $(GST_LIBS) $(GCONF_LIBS)
libgstgconf_la_LIBADD = $(GCONF_LIBS)
libgstgconf_la_CFLAGS = $(GST_CFLAGS) $(GCONF_CFLAGS)
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