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gst-plugins : plug-ins for GStreamer
This is gst-plugins, a set of plug-ins for GStreamer.
* to develop against uninstalled GStreamer core :
add path to gstreamer-uninstalled.pc to PKG_CONFIG_PATH
or run configure --with-pkg-config-path=(path to gstreamer uninstalled)
- make sure you compiled and at least did a test-run of GStreamer (core)
- check output of ./configure --help to see if any options apply to you
- configure the source tree:
- if you installed GStreamer, then do:
If configure complains about missing GStreamer, you should try
./configure --with-pkg-config-path=prefix/lib/pkgconfig
where prefix should be replaced by the prefix you used to configure
GStreamer. (Be mindful NOT to ADD a trailing / to that option !)
If this doesn't fix it, you have other issues ;)
* to register plug-ins in source tree
run gst-register --gst-plugin-path=.
- if you didn't install GStreamer, you can still compile the plug-ins.
Add the path to gstreamer-uninstalled.pc (which lives in the gstreamer
source tree) to PKG_CONFIG_PATH
or run configure --with-pkg-config-path=(path to gstreamer uninstalled)
- the output of configure will give you a list of plug-ins with external
dependencies (ie, depending on other libs, see below). By no means
should you try to get them all built on your first run. This is hard
enough as it is ;) Resist the urge to get the most features for now.
It doesn't list all of the non-depending plug-ins, which get built
regardless (unless you explicitly asked it not to).
* if a certain plug-in doesn't build, then redo configure with
to disable it from the build
- build the tree:
If any plug-in causes a problem at this stage, you should re-configure
with --disable-(dependency)
and doublecheck if configure reports this plug-in as being disabled.
Then re-run make.
* Additional documentation :
- install:
- if you installed GStreamer, and want to install the plug-ins as well, run
make install
and, as root, run
- if you installed GStreamer, but don't want to install the plug-ins, run
gst-register --gst-plugin-path=.
- if you didn't install GStreamer, then do
path/to/gstreamer/tools/gst-register --gst-plugin-path=.
(Replace path/to/gstreamer obviously)
- test:
- run
gst-launch sinesrc ! fakesink
and prefix gst-launch with the path to gstreamer/tools if you didn't install
If this doesn't give any errors, you can abort it.
- try replacing fakesink with your choice of
osssink/esdsink/artsdsink/alsasink/jacksink (depending on what output
method you have available) and see if you hear a C tone.
- After this, you should look into installing an application, like
gst-player, gst-editor or monkey-media with rhythmbox.
When building from CVS sources, you will need to run to generate
the build system files.
GStreamer is cutting-edge stuff. To be a CVS developer, you need
what used to be considered cutting-edge tools.
ATM, most of us have at least these versions :
* autoconf 2.52 (NOT 2.52d)
* automake 1.5
* libtool 1.4 (NOT Gentoo's genetic failure 1.4.2)
* pkg-config 0.8.0 will check for these versions and complain if you don't have
them. You can also specify specific versions of automake and autoconf with
--with-automake and --with-autoconf
Check options by running --help can pass on arguments to configure - you just need to separate them
from with -- between the two.
prefix has been added to but will be passed on to configure because
some build scripts like that.
You will probably have to pass at least --with-pkg-config-path to
to point to the CVS version of GStreamer.
When you have done this once, you can use to re-autogen with
the last passed options as a handy shortcut. Use it.
After the stage, you can follow the directions listed in
GStreamer is developed under the terms of the LGPL (see LICENSE file for
details). Some of our plug-ins however rely on libraries which are available
under other licenses. This means that if you are using an application which
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