Commit 0caf8f67 authored by Helen Koike's avatar Helen Koike

wip: table

parent 16e51300
......@@ -122,10 +122,11 @@ create_linear()
# Add prefix to variables in file
sed -i -e "s/^/$PREFIX/" ${DISK}.info
echo "$P1_START $P1_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p1 0
table="$P1_START $P1_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p1 0
$P2_START $P2_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p2 0
$P3_START $P3_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p3 0
$P4_START $P4_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p4 0" | sudo dmsetup create $DM_DEV
$P4_START $P4_SIZE linear ${LOOP_DEV}p4 0"
echo "$table" | sudo dmsetup create $DM_DEV
echo "concise table (with loopback device)"
sudo dmsetup table --concise /dev/mapper/$DM_DEV
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