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Add start of device tag documentation

We can tag devices in various ways; for different purpose. Start
documenting what those are (even if they're not rolled out yet)

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title: Device tags
Lava supports [device tags](
as a way to add criteria/requirements to devices on which a job can run. This
document explains the various tags in use and planned in the Collbora Lava
## Support level tags ##
**Not deployed yet**
This group of tags represents the [support levels](support) of a device Each
tag represent that the device supports at _least_ that level of support. While
the requirements for a given support mostly refer to the device-type as a whole
a specific device may have a *lower* support level itself due to its setup
(e.g. different hardware setup or experimental
* `support-experimental`: This device (type) has "experimental" support level or higher
* `support-supported`: This device (type) has "supported" support level or higher
* `support-priority`: This device (type) has "priority" support level
## Infrastructure tags ##
* `nfsroot`: **Not deployed yet** Dispatcher and network is setup for NFS root usage
## Peripheral tags ##
This group of tags represent periphals that are connected or available on a
* `sata`: Device has a sata disk attached
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