Commit 4d0753c3 authored by Stevan Radakovic's avatar Stevan Radakovic
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Allow validate_pipeline devices to filter by device type name.

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Change-Id: I38d572050d66ed2f00416af2b101861077460046
parent 9f9bd71b
......@@ -979,11 +979,11 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
jinja_str = devicedictionary_to_jinja2(device_dict['parameters'], device_dict['parameters']['extends'])
return xmlrpclib.Binary(jinja_str.encode('UTF-8'))
def validate_pipeline_devices(self, hostname=None):
def validate_pipeline_devices(self, name=None):
`validate_pipeline_device` [`device_hostname`]
`validate_pipeline_device` [`name`]
......@@ -996,10 +996,13 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
`device_hostname`: string
Device hostname to validate.
If a device hostname is not specified, all pipeline devices
are checked.
`name`: string
Can be device hostname or device type name.
If name is specified, method will search for either a matching device
hostname or matching device type name in which case it will only
validate that(those) device(s).
If not specified, this method will validate all non-retired devices
in the system.
Return value
......@@ -1012,17 +1015,22 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
if not hostname:
if not name:
devices = Device.objects.filter(
Q(is_pipeline=True) & ~Q(status=Device.RETIRED))
devices = Device.objects.filter(
Q(is_pipeline=True) & ~Q(status=Device.RETIRED) & Q(hostname=hostname))
if not devices and hostname:
Q(is_pipeline=True) & ~Q(status=Device.RETIRED) & Q(
if not devices:
devices = Device.objects.filter(
Q(is_pipeline=True) & ~Q(status=Device.RETIRED) & Q(hostname=name))
if not devices and name:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
404, "No pipeline device found with hostname %s" % hostname
"No devices found with hostname or device type name %s" % name
if not devices and not hostname:
if not devices and not name:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
404, "No pipeline device found on this instance."
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