Commit 614c5c45 authored by Laura Nao's avatar Laura Nao Committed by Sjoerd Simons
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Refine pattern for Depthcharge TFTP error messages

Refine pattern used to match Depthcharge TFTP errors. This prevents
LAVA from wrongly matching similar errors in Coreboot's late phase

MR upstream:

Signed-off-by: Laura Nao's avatarLaura Nao <>
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......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ constants:
- 'Dhcp release failed.'
- 'Out of space adding TFTP server IP to the command line.'
- 'No network device.'
- 'Error code \d+'
- 'Error code \d+( \([\w\s]+\))?\r\n'
{% endif %}
{% if depthcharge_extra_error_message %}
- '{{ depthcharge_extra_error_message }}'
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