Commit 7ae61e90 authored by Rémi Duraffort's avatar Rémi Duraffort
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Remove old sample job

Change-Id: I93a20e6c6367381c704aff477248ffafb7bc49b6
parent 6c717e49
"actions": [
"command": "deploy_linaro_kernel",
"parameters": {
"dtb": "",
"kernel": "",
"login_prompt": "login:",
"password": "temppwd",
"password_prompt": "Password:",
"ramdisk": "",
"username": "debian"
"command": "boot_linaro_image",
"parameters": {
"boot_cmds": [
"setenv autoload no",
"setenv pxefile_addr_r '0x50000000'",
"setenv kernel_addr_r '0x81000000'",
"setenv initrd_addr_r '0x8200000'",
"setenv fdt_addr_r '0x81f00000'",
"setenv initrd_high '0xffffffff'",
"setenv fdt_high '0xffffffff'",
"setenv loadkernel 'tftp ${kernel_addr_r} {KERNEL}'",
"setenv loadinitrd 'tftp ${initrd_addr_r} {RAMDISK}; setenv initrd_size ${filesize}'",
"setenv loadfdt 'tftp ${fdt_addr_r} {DTB}'",
"setenv bootargs 'console=ttyO0,115200n8 root=/dev/ram0 ip=:::::eth0:dhcp'",
"setenv bootcmd 'dhcp; setenv serverip {SERVER_IP}; run loadkernel; run loadinitrd; run loadfdt; bootz ${kernel_addr_r} ${initrd_addr_r} ${fdt_addr_r}'",
"command": "lava_test_shell",
"parameters": {
"testdef_repos": [
"git-repo": "git://",
"testdef": "openembedded/kernel-version.yaml"
"timeout": 9600
"device_type": "beaglebone-black",
"job_name": "bootloader-job-defined-boot-cmds-lava-test-shell",
"logging_level": "DEBUG",
"timeout": 18000
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