Commit 81a2a6d1 authored by Stevan Radakovic's avatar Stevan Radakovic Committed by Senthil Kumaran Shanmugasundaram
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Return state and health information as strings not numbers.

Getting numbers for state and health fields over XMLRPC api is
pretty useless. Convert them to strings instead.

Change-Id: I45a5f95afa00ca69a2f8778442de73f47da4d1e5
parent 824d9580
...@@ -813,6 +813,8 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI): ...@@ -813,6 +813,8 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
try: try:
job = get_restricted_job(self.user, job_id) job = get_restricted_job(self.user, job_id)
job.status = build_job_status_display(job.state, job.status = build_job_status_display(job.state,
job.state = job.get_state_display() = job.get_health_display()
job.submitter_username = job.submitter.username job.submitter_username = job.submitter.username
job.absolute_url = job.get_absolute_url() job.absolute_url = job.get_absolute_url()
except PermissionDenied: except PermissionDenied:
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