Commit b8508a70 authored by Paweł Wieczorek's avatar Paweł Wieczorek Committed by Paweł Wieczorek
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Create lavacli volume on first use

Creating volume as a separate step is not required [1].

This way tracking lavacli volume name so that only single volume is
created is no longer necessary. No additional ones would be created in
case of a typo.


Signed-off-by: default avatarPaweł Wieczorek <>
parent 221b2b3e
......@@ -7,12 +7,11 @@ if [ ! -f docker/collabora/ ]; then
exit 1
DOCKER="docker run --rm --network collabora_default -v lavacliconfi:/root/.config collabora-lavacli:latest"
DOCKER="docker run --rm --network collabora_default -v lavacliconfig:/root/.config collabora-lavacli:latest"
# Set up lavacli to add the health check, device dictionary and submit the job
TOKEN=$(docker exec collabora_lava_1 lava-server manage tokens add --user lava)
docker volume create lavacliconfig
$DOCKER lavacli identities add --token "${TOKEN}" --uri http://lava:8000/RPC2 --username lava default
$DOCKER lavacli devices dict set qtest /qtest.jinja2
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